My Message

You’ve found your way to my site and I’m so excited!


In 2019, I decided to claim myself and discover the different parts of my mind. After blogging for sometime I began to wonder what my overall goal or hope for this was. With no clear direction in mind, I began to create content on all things that interest me. Trying to divide it different ways using categories and falling prey to all those times I got told “you’ll never succeed with too broad a niche,” time and time again I went to the drawing board to define my vision.

This time things are different.

Welcome to my portfolio. A doorway into my mind.

I’d like to discover all the things that make my mind radiate with excitement and I’d like to share it with you all. Why you ask? Well I feel it might make someone laugh or perhaps even teach you something new. Hell, it might just be teaching me something! Anyway you’d like to put it, I’d like to use my creativity through words, sights, and thoughts as a way to give back to the world.

You’ll notice my overall brand split into two titles: Being B and Lellow. Let me elaborate: Being B is my personal discovery and insight. Lellow BC is the side of myself where I’d like to give to others by showing them ways to make life better. With written text and videos, I hope to not only find myself but give a part of me to you. Whether it’s discovering a new trick to improve everyday life or something that simply makes you laugh; leave this site with something you didn’t show up with.

This is my small corner of the earth where I have the opportunity to make it a little better, so I will.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Let’s learn something new!

xo BC