Day 3, Blog #2

Hello love, welcome back!

Yesterday I had the loveliest snow day. I enjoyed taking some shots, painting, and actively cleaned out my Snapchat. It was quite the down day. Not using any other form of social media kinda made it even better. I claimed the whole day and wasted no time mindlessly scrolling/comparing my life to others.

What a day.

With a delay this morning, I decided to share my lovely shots with you from yesterday.

I had so much fun editing these yesterday and I’m pretty excited to see what I come up with for these shots. I have a few captions prepared so far so we’ll see!

I’m excited to keep up with that 52 week challenge as I got some more great shots for this week’s theme! Stay tuned.

xo b


Day 1, Blog #1

Hello love, yes we’re doing this again.

This time things are very different.

Today, I got the spontaneous idea to delete all my social media accounts. I wondered if this was realistic, how this would benefit me, and what I would do with all my extra free time. After throwing around some factors and variables, I came up with a plan:

t o d a y
  • Delete Instagram and Twitter.
  • Write a blog post in this format everyday including but not limited to text, pictures, and videos.
  • Facebook for family & dog videos.
  • Snapchat for filters & family.
  • Pinterest for inspiration & motivation.

Why b? Well there’s a full moon tonight. This year I was very determined to make healthier decisions and be a better person. With that being said, I don’t know how long this will last but I’m very excited for the extra me time. I’ve also been considering what I want to leave behind a lot lately. So far, this ain’t it sis.

I’m excited. I hope you are too.

xo b

Get To Know Me Tag

One thing I haven’t done on Lellow is get personal. Lately I’ve been feeling the desire to have genuine connections with my viewers, readers, and social media followers. In honor of today’s YouTube upload (a Get To Know Me Tag) I decided to give my readers some fun facts about me as well. I hope to one day look back on this 2019 post and reflect on my growth.

Today’s post will include 22 facts you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I played the violin and flute in elementary school.
  2. My favorite animals are elephants and turtles.
  3. I can be extremely indecisive.
  4. I prefer coffee to tea.
  5. The first pet I ever had was a turtle.
  6. I was born in New York City.
  7. My guilty pleasure is pretty stationary.
  8. I’ve only had the opportunity to meet one out of four of my grandparents in real life.
  9. At the end of 2018, I beat my battle with depression.
  10. I lived in a sorority house for a summer.
  11. My favorite thing to do is laugh.
  12. I love walking barefoot especially in grass.
  13. One thing I want but have never asked for is a surprise birthday party.
  14. My lucky numbers are 4, 20, and 38.
  15. The best holiday in my opinion is Halloween.
  16. I currently have 13 piercings (I lost one this year).
  17. If I could have dinner with any person, living or dead, it would be Amy Winehouse.
  18. I have a rock collection./
  19. I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 and contacts since age 13.
  20. I believe in the Universe.
  21. Runny yolk is the grossest thing in the world to me.
  22. I’d rather be a friendless loser than have a ton of friends that secretly hate me. (Comment the movie below!)

So there are 22 facts about me you probably didn’t know. I’d love to connect with you all more so please comment below with one facts about yourself!

Until next time,

xo B

Channeling B

Hey pals, if you haven’t been informed yet; I’ve created a YouTube channel! I’m so excited for this new adventure in my life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! With that being said, some of my Being B posts will be directing you to watch my videos.

I love and appreciate feedback so feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! Have a channel or a favorite YouTuber? Drop some links below!

Discovering the world of YouTube, I decided to link some channels I’ve subscribed to that have inspired me on this journey. Some include a little blurb from Bri as I was watching videos while making this post!

Ownthelight: Not only did this channel inspire me to record the funny, wild things I do, the creator also inspires shots in my new photography venture. I love the behind the scenes commentary and definitely hope to incorporate something similar into my super raw videos soon.

Jazzy Anne: I just like her goofy personality and hope to portray some of that comfortably on my channel. Her content is out of the box usually which is really inspirational.

Syd’s Vids: Proximity. Hoping to learn about my community from this channel, like the cool places obviously cause Syd seems like a cool girl.

Munda: She makes me so excited for the content I’m going to produce once I’m through this more serious time in my life.

Alivia D’Andrea: She is 100% herself, helpful, and hopeful which keeps me coming back. After watching some of her videos I couldn’t shake the feeling of optimism toward becoming the person I wanted to be both inside and out.

Dontgiveajam: While she’s fairly new to the Youtube scene, this girl does not give a single JAM and I absolutely love that about her content! She’s definitely inspired some future video ideas for Being B!

Em Anne: Yes Marley has inspired me once again to do something creative and productive. Imagine that! One of my favorite pals since I returned to the blogging scene, I will support this funny girl until we’re both sipping mimosas on some island.

Emma Chamberlin: This girl doesn’t really need anymore hype, I just figured if she could do it; I can definitely do it. That’s no shade, I just really watched her evolution through posts and social media and hopefully learned a thing or two on marketing, networking, and building my personal brand. I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE HER EDITING. And scheduling? That’s goals and I’m really happy for her.

Do we have any YouTube fav’s in common? Let me know below!

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to a friend from the town I grew up in. Same name, similar interests, wildly different paths; it’s so amazing to watch her journey as she grows and creates. Go check out my girl, Brianna Christine on YouTube and show her some love!

xo B