Channeling B

Hey pals, if you haven’t been informed yet; I’ve created a YouTube channel! I’m so excited for this new adventure in my life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! With that being said, some of my Being B posts will be directing you to watch my videos.

I love and appreciate feedback so feel free to leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! Have a channel or a favorite YouTuber? Drop some links below!

Discovering the world of YouTube, I decided to link some channels I’ve subscribed to that have inspired me on this journey. Some include a little blurb from Bri as I was watching videos while making this post!

Ownthelight: Not only did this channel inspire me to record the funny, wild things I do, the creator also inspires shots in my new photography venture. I love the behind the scenes commentary and definitely hope to incorporate something similar into my super raw videos soon.

Jazzy Anne: I just like her goofy personality and hope to portray some of that comfortably on my channel. Her content is out of the box usually which is really inspirational.

Syd’s Vids: Proximity. Hoping to learn about my community from this channel, like the cool places obviously cause Syd seems like a cool girl.

Munda: She makes me so excited for the content I’m going to produce once I’m through this more serious time in my life.

Alivia D’Andrea: She is 100% herself, helpful, and hopeful which keeps me coming back. After watching some of her videos I couldn’t shake the feeling of optimism toward becoming the person I wanted to be both inside and out.

Dontgiveajam: While she’s fairly new to the Youtube scene, this girl does not give a single JAM and I absolutely love that about her content! She’s definitely inspired some future video ideas for Being B!

Em Anne: Yes Marley has inspired me once again to do something creative and productive. Imagine that! One of my favorite pals since I returned to the blogging scene, I will support this funny girl until we’re both sipping mimosas on some island.

Emma Chamberlin: This girl doesn’t really need anymore hype, I just figured if she could do it; I can definitely do it. That’s no shade, I just really watched her evolution through posts and social media and hopefully learned a thing or two on marketing, networking, and building my personal brand. I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE HER EDITING. And scheduling? That’s goals and I’m really happy for her.

Do we have any YouTube fav’s in common? Let me know below!

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to a friend from the town I grew up in. Same name, similar interests, wildly different paths; it’s so amazing to watch her journey as she grows and creates. Go check out my girl, Brianna Christine on YouTube and show her some love!

xo B


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