About Me

Welcome to Lellow!

My pals call me Bri but if you’re really sweet, I’ll let you call me B. I’m glad you found your way here!

After dabbling in the blogging world for a bit, I decided it was time for yet another fresh start. While I’ll always love writing and creating content, as a Gemini I can never make up my mind on what I’d like to write about. I decided to create this site as a one stop shop to everything I’m thinking about while I’m twenty-something.

I’m currently 22 years old, living on the east coast of the USA. After three years of struggling to conform to society’s idea of normal, I finally called being institutionalized by a university quits and am sticking to the ‘real’ world. After continuing on to complete my secondary education, I realized I’m more of a life learner, if you will.

This site will continue you to be another work in progress as is my mind. Thank you for following along with me as I discover, grow, and experience all the amazing and interesting things life has to offer.

I plan on posting three times a week for the first 6 months of this blog then reevaluate based on my progress. For 2019, one post each week will contribute to the 52 Week Blog Challenge I hope to complete while discovering my passion for photography.

xo B